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Important Notice to Service Agents

Access to this system is reserved for principal officers or employees of registrants and licensees. Contractors commonly referred to as "Service Agents" are required to provide the Transportation Division with a properly executed Power of Attorney before engaging in any activity in this system on behalf of any company or individual. Once a properly executed Power of Attorney is provided, the service agent will be allowed to obtain credentials  to operate within this system.  Failure to do so will result in suspension of the online access to the registrant's or licensee's account.

You can send the executed Power of Attorney to one of these two  email addresses, TRIRP@occ.ok.gov for IRP accounts or TRIFTA@occ.ok.gov for IFTA accounts and someone will assist you in obtaining the proper online access to this system. 


Correct URL

Recently, some external users have experienced difficultly utilizing certain features of the Oklahoma’s IRP/IFTA computer system. The issues involve security certificate warnings and inability to save/submit applications to be reviewed by our staff.

These issues are being experienced because of outdated URL addresses.  If you are experiencing any of these problems, please use the following link to see if that resolves it.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission IRP System

If this link resolves the issue, please bookmark it for future use.  If it doesn’t, please report it to us at one of these two  email addresses, TRIRP@occ.ok.gov for IRP related problems or TRIFTA@occ.ok.gov for IFTA related problems as soon as possible.


Important Message for Regular Route Passenger Carriers

For regular route passenger carriers, the Apportionable Fees of a Fleet that is involved in a Pool may be calculated using Apportionment Percentages or, in the alternative, at the option of the Applicant, the Apportionment Percentage may be calculated by dividing (a) the scheduled route distance operated in the Member Jurisdiction by the Vehicles in the Pool by (b) the sum of the scheduled route distances operated in all the Member Jurisdictions by the Vehicles in the Pool. Scheduled route distances shall be determined from the farthest point of origination to the farthest point of destination covered by the Pool. If a Registrant has used this method to register its Fleet initially for a Registration Year, it shall also use this same method to register any Apportionable Vehicles it may add to its Fleet during the year.